Becoming an Online Business Manager
10th Anniversary Edition (with bonuses!)
Become an Online Business Manager and Get Your Pick of the Well-Paying,

High-End Clients Who Are Leading Their Markets and Need YOUR Support! 

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If You Have Ever Wanted To Take Charge of Your Destiny and Build a Business Around Your 'Get-it-Done' Expertise, Now is the Time 

Inside the book you will discover: 

  • What an OBM does and how to know if it’s a fit for you (take the OBM Assessment on page 20)  
  • Why clients are willing to pay top dollar to hire an OBM  
  • How to make potential clients clamor to work with you  
  • Ways to double or more your income without working more hours  
  • The 4 areas where an OBM excels  
  • How to know if a business owner is ready to hire an OBM (there are 6 things they must have in place)  
  • The best way to get started with your new OBM clients (so that they can’t imagine running their business without you!)


(Available in Paperback & Kindle)

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This includes:

  • The New World of Hiring: Whether you are hiring or being hired, the landscape of how we work together is changing... we will talk about what is working (and no longer working!) in the world of hiring.  
  • The OBM Showcase: Meet some of our Certified OBMs and learn directly from them about what it's really like to be an online business manager.  
  • Becoming an OBM: Is becoming an OBM for you? We are going to dig deep into the role, help you identify if this is a fit for you and lay out a plan to officially become an OBM.  
  • My 3x3 Planner: Get this downloadable worksheet that I use with my clients to plan out the next 90 days and use weekly to stay productive. 

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"Tina Forsyth’s book ‘Becoming an Online Business Manager’ quite literally changed my life. When I picked up Tina’s book I had just quit my job and had no idea what was next. As soon as I started reading I knew I had found my next career. Tina’s book led me down a path that has allowed me to create a life I didn’t even know was possible. I now do the work I love to do, live the life I want to live, and make great money doing it... and it all started with this book.  

Entering Tina’s world was one of the best decisions I ever made and I will be forever grateful for her and her powerful book."  

Dori Tattrie, Imagine If Business Solutions

"Returning to the workforce after 10 years at home to raise my kids was a very daunting prospect. I felt my resume was disjointed. I’d worked across 11 different industries and had just as many role descriptions – there was no clear career path let alone industry loyalty. Add to that I still want to be around for my kids outside of school hours. Who was I and what would I do? 

Then I read "Becoming an Online Business Manager" Wowsers! All roads did lead somewhere after all. Every part of the book made sense. It was an easy read and very clearly expressed the opportunities and foundation in how to perform as an OBM. My diverse experience all came together perfectly.

I launched my business and saved my first client’s fees to pay for the OBM Certification Training. Now I know I’m serving my clients how they need it while honouring their business. Now I have a career that I love, is challenging me in all the right ways, supports my family and allows me to be around for my kids." 

Mellissa Pritchard, Melissa Pritchard OBM

"I was very happy to find you! My number one reason for buying your book is this: I just left a job where I was a senior operations analyst. I was good at my job but deeply unhappy and longed for the autonomy of working for myself. I was trying to articulate what I wanted to do - it was something like a VA but broader and more strategic than that....I felt like I had more to offer and wanted long-term partnerships with companies wanting to grow. 

Your book put that desire into words and gave it structure - this already exists and I can do it! I'm excited - REALLY excited. I can't wait to learn more."  

Ashlee Berghoff, A Squared Online 

About the Author

Tina Forsyth is a leading authority on building virtual teams to help your business thrive. As the author of Becoming an Online Business Manager and founder of the International Association of Online Business Managers, she specializes in training & coaching business owners and high-end virtual support professionals on creating revenue streams, operations management and team development to create a strong foundation for a thriving business.  

Since 1999 she has helped to build and manage many 6 and 7 figure businesses and knows firsthand how to implement a strong business foundation and the team to support it.  

Her mission is two-fold – to train the best high-level virtual support professionals out there and connect them with the business owners who desperately need their help. Learn more at